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Highlights from the January 12, 2021, Church Committee Meeting: 

  • A letter to the congregation answering the renovation questions submitted from the Fall Congregational Meeting is being drafted and should be going out soon.


  • Annual Budget: 308,349.00
    • Budget to January 31, 2021: 25,695.75
    • Income to Date: 11,634.69
    • Difference: 14,061.06 


  • We received Thank You notes from the two new missionary families we are supporting. Follow the links below to find out more about how these families are serving the Lord in Japan and Romania.

Raffaele & Sylvia Gaudio         Jason & Erin Bergman 


  • We're happy to announce that Elliott Morris will be joining us for 16 weeks as a summer intern again this year. A student grant has been applied for to help with the cost of his wages.


  • We are seeking the right individual to take on the email side of our Prayer Chain. If you belong to our church and feel led to be part of this important roll, please contact the church office.