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News from Wayne & Valerie Dirks and their ministry with Wycliffe Bible Translators
This December is our 30th anniversary so we had a mini-celebration in March. Our wedding day was frightfully cold so we thought skiing together would be appropriate. It was a lot of fun and nobody wiped out!

Lumo Hits 1,000+ Languages 

He is risen! We praise God and give thanks that Jesus, our Good Shepherd, laid down his life for us. Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

One of Wycliffe's main partners, Faith Comes By Hearing, has been working hard at dubbing the Lumo Project video into other languages. The screenshot (right) is from John 10. I just checked and they've now completed 1,064 languages! You can even see them all now on their Youtube channel! It's amazing! This is one of the more popular media items that our users like to put on their websites along with the Scripture apps and Jesus Film. 

My team’s goal is to help Bible translation teams get their Scriptures online and onto people’s phones. In February our team held a workshop in Cameroon for 10 language projects in the north. Despite numerous struggles of all kinds the team managed to launch 4 websites with more on the way. Another workshop coming up in Southeast Asia soon. 

Recently I’ve been working on developing a verse-of-the-day feature for our website software. The system will fetch the text automatically and display an new verse every day. I’m adding a few design options so that they can customize it a bit and make it look nice. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks for your prayers and support.

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”
John 10:11 NIV

Our family is all grown up now and Val is the shortest! Well, actually Tasha is even shorter, but she doesn't really count. L-R: Wayne, Kara, Nathaniel, Val (holding Tasha), Jesse, Emma, David.

Transition and Member Care

If you’ve ever gone through significant change you'll know that transition can be pretty rough. This summer my team is supporting 16 families coming home to Canada. One returning staff member recently told me, "I am tired and sick." Dealing with the pandemic in a developing country has been no picnic. 

To alleviate the stress of returning, Wycliffe has partnered with the MORE network to provide an opportunity for our families to transition well through the Re-View and Re-Boot programs. Re-View is for families and offers debriefing sessions, modules about how to navigate reverse culture shock and connecting. Re-Boot is for high school graduates and young adult TCKs (Third Culture Kids) who are not only experiencing a change of cultures but are taking steps to launch out on their own. It can be a tumultuous time, and the Re-Boot programs offer a safe landing.

It's all part of our staff care and wellbeing focus and one of many ways in which my team supports our staff, whether they are serving in a dangerous location, or from the Fraser Valley of BC (not without its own dangers!). Please pray for me and my team to have wisdom to know how to best serve our people. We need physical health and stamina, grace, and discernment as we help our people.

Praise & Prayer Points

  • Praise the Lord that despite the pandemic, translation work has continued and 57 projects were completed last year!
  • Thank the Lord for mission partnerships like Faith Comes by Hearing and the Lumo Project.
  • Wayne’s team is working on migrating nearly 1,000 websites to a new version of their software. Please pray for them and the technical challenges they face.
  • Pray that the Scriptures in digital and print form will impact people’s hearts and lives and bring many to Christ.
  • Please pray for Val and the Member Care team: wisdom, discernment and health are needed. 

Thanks for your encouragement, your prayers, and your support as we serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. We couldn't do this without you!

Wayne & Val Dirks