Mark 16:1-8

~The resurrection gives us logic for the skeptic, grace for the broken and a word of mission that invites us to change the world~

Discussion Questions: (Mark 16:1-8)

1) What stands out to you from the sermon?

2.) What is the best commercial you have ever seen?  What captured your mind about it?

3.) Read Mark 16:9-19.  This was not written by Mark but was added by an early scribe.  Why do you think the scribe felt it was necessary?

4.) First century historians cited eyewitnesses to verify their story.  How is this similar and different from the citations in academic work today?  

5.) If you were Peter how would you have responded if Jesus didn’t single you out in verse 7?

6.) Has the resurrection of Jesus made a difference in your life?  Why or why not?