Mark 14:53-65

~Sin happens when we substitute ourselves for God.  Salvation happens when God substitutes Himself for us~

Discussion Questions: (Mark 14:53-65)

1)What stands out to you from the sermon?

2.) What is it about TV shows about court rooms that makes them popular?

3.) Do you think it is good that people can’t be forced to take the stand in their own defense in court?  Why or why not?  

4.) Read Psalm 110:1, Exodus 3:14 and Daniel 7:13.  What is Jesus saying about Himself by referencing these verses in Mark 14:62?  

5.) C.S. Lewis said Jesus is either ‘liar, lunatic or Lord.’  What options of response are available to us if He is any of these three?

6.) Tim Keller says ‘Sin is substituting yourself for God, but salvation is God substituting Himself for you.’  What does this mean?