Mark 13:24-37

Being ready for Jesus' return has nothing to do with figuring out when it will happen and everything to do with living like Jesus lived.

Discussion Questions: (Mark 13:24-37)

1)What stands out to you from the sermon?

2.) Do you know any movies about Judgment Day?  Why do you think people are fascinated by this topic?

3.) Why do you think the Bible’s depiction of Jesus’ first coming is easier for people to accept than the Bible’s depiction of His second coming?  

4.) When we hear of Jesus bringing paradise back to earth do you think people in different socio-economic situations hear this differently?  Why or why not?

5.) Do you think there is danger in getting excited to figure out when Jesus will return?  Why or why not?

6.) How does Jesus tell us to ‘get ready’ in today’s text and in Matthew 25:31-46?