Mark 12:35-44

Jesus gives a proof to His skeptics and a path to those who want to follow Him.


Discussion Questions:

 1)What stands out to you from the sermon?

2.) Do you think it would have been difficult to watch Blondin walk across Niagara Falls on the tightrope doing all those crazy stunts?  Why or why not?

3.) Do you think if Jesus had done a miracle or made an irrefutable argument that His skeptics would have believed in Him?  Why or why not?  

4.) What is Jesus’ opinion about the origin of the Old Testament (vs 36).  What does this mean for us?

5.) What does the woman’s story show us about the path to abundant life?

6.) How does Jesus’ willingness to give up control and become poor and powerless on our behalf enable us to give up control and trust Him?