Dan Hoffman
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Hello Lighthouse/Fort George

Over the last six weeks you may have wondered: "I want to share my faith with those around me... but (aside from my family) I'm the only one here!"  That's the reality of quarantine.  And I've certainly felt this.  But just because we aren't free to go out like the "old normal" doesn't mean our faith gets put on ice.  Here are a few creative ways to engage the people around us that I came across this morning (This list was put together by the Catapult church planting group). 

I'm going to give a few a try. I'm thinking that if I can get 4 kids to eat spaghetti for dinner while sitting out on the lawn that would probably spark some conversations - sandwiches would be a little less entertaining for the neighbours.

If you try any of these ideas out let me know!

"May Jesus bless you with opportunities to look like Him this week"

~Pastor Dan

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