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 A Proposal to the Congregation (Congregational Meeting to vote on the attached motion will be held on September 19, 2021 immediately following the service) Re: Renting our basement to Mylene Green and the COSTUMES AND CRAYONS DAYCARE LTD.

Dear Congregation,

Over the last several months the deacons have been discussing the importance of finding ways for our church to meet the real needs of our community.  And one of the biggest needs that was brought to our attention was the shortage of childcare spots in Prince George.

A few months after this discussion Mylene Green, a member of our church, mentioned that she had been looking and praying for a facility to expand her home daycare and was excited that the church basement might be a possibility.  After looking at the space she feels it would be perfect for her needs.  The deacons are encouraged that this looks like it could be a win/win relationship both for her and for the church as well as a significant way to be a blessing in our community.

At this point the Committee was tasked with doing some due diligence into the surrounding issues and presenting a motion to the congregation for a vote.  The following document contains our due diligence and the motion we would like to present to the congregation for approval on September 19th.

If you have any questions or concerns please call or email me prior to September 18th.  This way we can be prepared for the meeting.

Sincerely, Pat Duncan (Moderator)  phone: 250-562-0859

Usage: Mylene’s daycare would run from 6:30am to 6:30pm Monday to Friday and have up to 25 children and 4 staff members.  Mylene would love to begin utilizing the following rooms with possible thought to using more rooms in the future:

  • The large basement room             
  • The baby room
  • The two classrooms off the large room
  • The old Sunday school office
  • Some storage space
  • She would also like to put a coat and boot area in the intake space at either the North or the South entrance as well as fence a portion of the vacant lots.  

Mylene would help organize the storage areas and coordinate with Spencer to make sure the weekly use does not infringe on our Sunday School.   

Rent: The daycare would start out paying $3000 a month but this would increase to $5000 as her available slots fill.  The rent would include:  

  • The Space
  • Heat, light and garbage 
  • Clearing of the parking lot in the winter             

Our due diligence to date includes: 

1.)  Discussing the tax implications/charitable status implications of renting our space to a daycare for profit with our accountant. 

Conclusion: Our accountant assures us there will be no problems for our charitable status or for tax if we rent our space to the daycare.  The city will increase our property tax, for that portion of space used for the daycare. (They are currently looking into what the increase might be.) 

2.)  Discussing the insurance implications with our agent 

Conclusion:  The daycare must provide a rider of insurance for their use of space which names us as also insured. 

3.)  Inspection of our property with a Community Childcare Liaison from CCRR was done. 

Conclusion:  A preliminary inspection was done with some minor requirements (locking doors needed on kitchen and mechanical room as well as more lighting in the emergency exit).  Once Mylene has applied for a license they will return with a “fine-tooth comb” and will give some more requirements.  But we have been assured the space looks fine. 

4.)  Estimate increases in expenses to the church

  • Parking lot snow removal – this will be significant.  Only the North parking lot will need to be cleared every snowfall 7 days a week.  The South lot can be done on Saturday evenings.
  • Heat – There will be an increase here.  We have new furnaces so it should be minimal.  But at this point it’s not really possible to tell.
  • Light – negligible
  • Insurance – There will be no increase to our expenses
  • Cleaning – once a week is fine.  We will need additional hours for giving the space careful attention.
  • Increased city taxes.  We will need to pay property tax on the portion of the building (roughly 2750 square feet) that the daycare will be using.  We don’t know how much this will be at this time.

Conclusions and motion The Committee is pleased about the possibility of having a daycare in our basement and feels confident that this will be a win/win arrangement for both Mylene and our church.  It is therefore excited to recommend the following motion to be made at our September 19th Congregational meeting immediately following the service:

Motion that we rent our basement to Mylene and her daycare starting November 1st, 2021.