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Dear Fort George and Lighthouse Community,
February 24, 2021

Re: Fund Raising and opportunity to volunteer

Thank you for your support of the renovation at our recent congregational meeting.  We
were really encouraged to see the large percentage of people voting and the excitement
this has raised.

At this point, we are taking steps to kick the project off.  Our commitment is to not spend
more money than we have brought in, and in order to stick to this, we will need both
your assistance with labour as well as your donations to the project.

The project is budgeted to cost $137,500 if contractors do essentially all of it.  If we
contribute our own labour it could cost as low as $105,000.  So far, we have raised
$80,000 which gives us enough to get started, but means we still need to raise
$25,000 - $55,000.

And to that end we have two asks:
1.) Please donate above and beyond your regular donations for this project.  If you
could mark these extra donations as being for the renovation that would be
helpful.  Donations can be made on our website, by email transfer, by cheque, or by card at the
2.) Please let me know if you are able to contribute your labour to the project.  I will
be organizing teams of people to assist with various parts of the project and
would like to set those teams up as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your participation in this exciting project.

John Zettl