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Welcome Church Family to our Virtual Annual General Meeting

The 2021 Annual Report Booklet is attached down at the bottom of the page.

The booklet was given in advance to John Zettl and Irene Rud, who have read them and make the following motion:

John Zettl: “That we accept the annual reports of Fort George Baptist Church for the year 2021 as presented”

Seconded by Irene Rud  

Do you have any Questions?  Question period is open until noon, Thursday, March 24th. For questions or concerns about any of the reports please email the church at or contact Pat Duncan at 250-562-0859 or    

By Friday afternoon we will send out both the questions and the answers. 

If there are no more questions, we ask that members vote on the above motion by Tuesday, March 29, 2022  

Results will be sent out Wednesday, March 30, 2022.  

Thank you for your ongoing support of FGBC and the leadership team

Pat Duncan, Moderator     


Pastor Dan’s Report:  

Question: What will Pastor Dan be doing during his sabbatical?  

Answer: Pastor Dan has shared that he plans to focus on mental rest, doing physical things as well as working on spiritual disciplines; this will include projects at the family cabin, along with plans to increase daily prayer time and daily journaling. He and Nikki are also planning a week at a pastoral retreat.    

Family Ministries Report:  

Question: Regarding Sunday School; what is an “Encouraging amount of kids” attending when it was in-person?  

Answer: Up to twenty or more.    

Question: Regarding Youth Group; what is the Youth Ministerial?  

Answer: The Youth Ministerial is a city-wide group of youth pastors and youth leaders that get together to plan events and encourage each other in the ministry. 


25 VOTES: 24  YES - 1 ABSTAIN. 23 Votes needed to meet quorum.