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 Highlights from the October 12th Church Committee Meeting

Motions Approved:

  • $450 monthly was approved to provide bi-weekly lunches after our church service in the ministry room

Chairs Update:

  • Chairs have been ordered with a 50% deposit


This year our budget was the biggest it has ever been in Fort George history because there was some required maintenance to the building on top of our regular expenses. This resulted in a budget of $308,349.00. On top of this, the church voted to undertake a renovation to our space, budgeted to cost roughly $130,000. This money was then raised in full. As a result, our church has been more financially generous this year than ever before in our history. Thank you for your support.

In spite of your generosity, there is roughly $36,000 of outstanding expenses that need to be covered before year-end (which includes paying our missionaries). As you consider this and your year-end giving, please be generous so we can meet this shortfall. 

  • Annual Budget: $308,349.00
  • Budget to October 2021: $256,957.50
  • Income to October 28th: $221,024.00
  • Budget Shortfall ($35,933.50)

New Business

  • A church appraisal was completed for insurance purposes resulting in the following monthly insurance premium increase of $248 (from $779 to $1027 per month)
  • There was a discussion about Elliott Morris doing his internship at Fort George Baptist next year
  • Date for the Fall Congregational Business Meeting is November 25, 2021, online