Dan Hoffman
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Hey Fort George/Lighthouse,

There are a lot of competing messages out there right now that tell us what the right thing to do is.  Should we wear masks, should we not wear masks?  Should we open the church, should we not open the church?  Should we take down all the old statues in Canada or leave them up?  And into a divided time like this it is difficult to know where a Jesus follower should take a stand and where we should let things slide.

This morning I watched an excellent message by Andy Stanley (the American context is a little different than our own) that educated me on some of the issues we are facing but also presented a brilliant case for following Jesus rather than being led by the competing voices of culture.

Please note: Andy is addressing his church's particular response to COVID which isn't directly applicable in our situation, but the theology behind their decision is bang on!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Standing with you in the advance of Jesus' kingdom,