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Highlights from the May 11, 2021, Church Committee Meeting:    

Motions Approved:

  • To approve the summer Ministry Intern's job description
  • To sell one of the unused keyboards 

Renovation Update:   

Quite a bit has been done in the last month. The demolition is complete, the electrical panel has been moved, the framing for the stage is complete, and is being wired for outlets. The openings for the 2 double doors in the north wall have been completed. As soon as all the miscellaneous wiring has been completed we will be able, to begin with putting up drywall,  finishing, and painting. Once that’s all done we can do the flooring.           

  • As of May 11, 2021, the total amount of designated Renovation/Building Fund donations are $85,359.83 (includes $40,000 from NAB )
  • Money spent towards renovation costs is $24,550.14
  • The renovation Balance is: $60,809.83 

Family Ministries Update:  

  • Spencer successfully obtained his Class 2 Learners license with airbrake endorsement.
  • Discussion took place about raising funds for kids to go to Ness Lake Bible Camp

Community Garden Update:               

  • Work Bee was held May 2, another is tentatively planned for the May long weekend
  • Garden Boxes have been purchased and assembled
  • Donation of soil was received from REAPS 
  • Boxes will be available for use for a $50 donation and cost options were discussed regarding someone in need  


  • Annual Budget: $308,349.00  
  • Budget to April 30 2021:  $102.783.00 
  • Income to April 30 2021:  $103,440.36