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Highlights from the March 9th 2021, Church Committee Meeting:

Motions Approved:

· Spencer’s Class 2 Drivers training to enable him to drive bus for Ness Lake Bible Camp

· For Dan to take March 22-26 off on banked time

· Painting of “Last Supper” to go to FGBC member

· To pursue adding a community garden to our vacant lot    

· Since the beginning of Covid, the Deacons have been calling individuals who are part of the Fort George family to encourage and pray for them. Last month a decision was made to invite people to help with this.  

· The Annual General Meeting will be virtual again this year, March 26, 2021. Reports will be available March 19th and any questions should be submitted by March 23th with voting by March 30th.  

· We are still looking for someone to take over the email prayer chain. Please contact Pat Duncan or the church office for more information regarding this ministry opportunity.  

· Financials:  

Annual Budget: $308,349.00  

Budget to February 28, 2021:  $51,391.50  

Income as of February 28, 2021: $47,739.54  

Difference: $3,651.96