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Highlights from the June 8, 2021, Church Committee Meeting:    

Motions Approved:

  • The pastors' vacation dates 
  • Leanne's updated job description as Administrative Assistant
  • The cancelation of the July and August Committee Meetings

Renovation Update:   

Renovations are coming along great. Drywall has been hung, taping has begun. The stage has been built and the plywood installed. All wiring has been done and the flooring has been ordered. The furnaces have also been installed. Anyone looking to volunteer with painting, please contact John Zettl.    

  • As of June 8, 2021, the total amount of designated Renovation/Building Fund donations are $88,497.59 (includes $40,000 from NAB )
  • Money spent towards renovation costs is $31,811.51
  • The renovation Balance is: $56,686.08 

Family Ministries Update:  

  • Spencer was excited to say that our fundraiser for sending kids to camp was successful and several kids are now signed up!

Community Garden Update:               

  • Scheduled Work Bee for Friday, June 11, to include installing a water barrel and composting bin


  • Annual Budget: $308,349.00  
  • Budget to May 31 2021: $128,478.75
  • Income to May 31 2021: $120,454.61
  • Difference ($8024.14)