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Results of Congregational Vote:

44 YES

13 NO


This gives us a 77% Yes vote to move forward with the renovation.

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, Pat Duncan

Dear Fort George/Lighthouse community,

Re: Renovation

Over the last few months the Renovation Committee has been working to bring more information to the table in the way of estimates for the proposed job.  They have also sought to answer the questions raised by the congregation.  (Click here to see those questions and answers, click here to get to the renovation plan).  To date, members of the congregation have donated $40,261.55 towards the project.  If the congregation votes "Yes" to this project we will deposit a cheque from head office for $40,000.  This will bring our total money raised to over $80,000.

The total estimated cost of the project is $137,500 if contractors are paid to do the work and as low as $104,000 if we are willing to contribute labor to the project.  Our hope is to aim towards the lower number.

Either way, the renovation committee feels we should take advantage of the reduced use of our building at present to get started on the project.  To that end the Church Committee is pleased to bring the following motion to the congregation for a vote:

Motion by John Zettl: That we go forward with the renovation with the commitment to not spend more money than we have raised.

Seconded: Ben Wiens


How to vote:

All members of the church are eligible to vote.  Please vote by one of the following two methods:

   ~Email - [email protected] - please include your name or names and your vote(s)

   ~Phone the church - 250-564-6287.  Leanne will be keeping track of names and votes


Please send in your vote by noon on February 19th, 2021.  The results will be sent out in the afternoon.


Pat Duncan