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 Highlights from the April 12th Committee Meeting and Other Church Updates…

  • Pastor Dan is on a three-month sabbatical from April 25th to July 25th
  • New exterior lights were installed on the east side of the building to deter vandalism
  • We’re working on a date for a Saturday Church Spring Clean-up. So keep your cleaning supplies and yard tools handy  
  • Discussion around an update of the church directory took place, with the plan is to have one out in September

Upcoming Dates and Events to make note of:     

  • On Thursday, May 28th the Community Garden team is holding a meeting. If you would like to be part of the team or would just like some information about our community garden, please email 
  • Hope for Women, Baby Bottle Campaign to start on Mother’s Day with bottles to be returned by Father’s Day.  
  • We would like to invite you to bring your lunch at noon on Thursday, May 12th to join Pat and Leanne in the ministry room for lunch and an update on church news. Please let Leanne know by noon Tuesday, May 10th if you plan to attend.  

2022 Budget Status:

  • Annual Budget: $339,059.45  / Monthly: $28,254.95
  • Budget to March 31, 2022: $84,764.85
  • Income to March 31, 2022: $69,363.16