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November 25, 2021

Dear Fort George/Lighthouse Community  

Re: November Congregational Meeting  

As announced, due to COVID we have chosen to do our November Congregational meeting by email again.  This meeting has two major components.  First, the new nominations for 2022 positions, and second our 2022 budget.

The timeline for our Email Congregational Meeting will proceed as follows:                

  • Nov 17 – Initiation of meeting and distribution of material
  • Nov 17-19 – Questions and comments
  • Nov 19-22 – Answers and Motions (we will answer all the questions we receive and then present the motions for voting)
  • Nov 23-25th – Voting (All votes must be in by noon on November 25th)  

Please direct all questions, comments or concerns to Leanne at or call the church 250-564-6287.  


For Deacon: Owen Brown

For Deaconess: Coralie Fitz-Gerald

For Nursery: Christina Plouffe  

As per Robert’s Rules of Order, as only one candidate has been nominated for each office, we declare the nominees elected by acclamation. (See attachment below of 2022 Fort George Baptist Church Officers)


  • Please find attached our proposed 2022 budget. 
  • Please find attached an explanation sheet that unpacks the areas of the budget that have changed from last year.
  • Please find attached the Chart of Accounts Breakdown.  

Motion by Ben Wiens to accept the proposed budget for 2022  

Seconded by Beth Brown  


  • Please find attached a link to a video from Bob Krahn recommending that Fort George adopt a policy for Sabbaticals.  The Deacons and Committee will be bringing this issue to the congregation for discussion and a vote in January of 2022.  

Thank you for your continued interest and support through these uncharted waters.  The Deacons, Committee, Pastors and Leanne have worked hard to keep you abreast of church business.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with these dedicated individuals and teams.  Thank you God.  

Please let us know how we can work together to discern God’s direction and focus for our membership, church and community towards the betterment of His Kingdom.  And please remember God loves you and so do we.  


Pat Duncan