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Lighthouse/Fort George

Protocol for Physical Distancing Worship Services

(July 9, 2020)  

At the Church            

For Guests:

  • -Please use the hand sanitation stations upon arrival and departure.
  • Please stay on the main floor of the church
  • Please follow floor markings to keep your distance
  • No physical touch will be allowed during the service
  • Non-medical masks must be worn by all participants             
  • Please maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourself and the next person
  • No food or drink in the building
  • Please use the bathroom clean up station after you use the washroom             

For Leaders:

  • 50 people maximum in the building at one time                         
  • Everyone will enter from the North entrance and Sign in                                     
  • Name and Phone number
  • Everyone will be asked whether they have any cold or flu symptoms.  Those with symptoms will be asked not to attend.
  • Ensure everyone has a non-medical face mask or better                         
  • Everyone will exit out the South door of the building
  • Run the fan during the service to maximize air flow through the sanctuary
  • Disinfect all high traffic surfaces after each service   
    • door knobs             
    • bathrooms
  • Ensure proper signage for social distancing and sanitation is set up before service
  • After each service ensure COVID Cleaning checklist is completed  

At people’s Homes             

  • 6 people maximum in a home at a time or less than that if the home is smaller             
  • Physical distancing must be maintained             
  • Offer hand sanitizer to guests upon arrival and at departure             
  • Chairs must be set up 6 feet apart from each other.             
  • Confirm with all guests prior to arrival that they are healthy
  • Sanitize the area where guests will be, including the washroom, before and after the service.