Dan Hoffman
October 24, 2021
Dan Hoffman
Senior Pastor


Mark 12:18-27

Even great marriage won't exist in heaven.  And understanding this requires an encounter with the power of God and the promise of scripture.

 Discussion Questions: (Mark 12:18-27)

1)What stands out to you from the sermon?

2.) What pops into your mind when you think of heaven?  Where do these ideas come from?

3.) Are there sections of the Bible that you have a hard time understanding or don’t like?  What do we do when we come across sections like these?  

4.) How does the promise of resurrection and eternal life affect the way people live?  How would things be different if there was no resurrection?

5.) What does Jesus mean that God is the God of the living not the dead? (27)

6.) What reason does Jesus give for why there will be no marriage in heaven?  How is marriage a picture of our relationship with God? (See also Eph 5:21-32)