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November 2020

Dear Members of Fort George/Lighthouse  

We, the Deacons and the Committee of our church have been greatly challenged by the COVID crisis.  We have met via computer programs and have had a huge learning curve when it comes to “technology”.   

In the attached information, we are asking for your support in what you think God’s vision is for our church.  We want you to know your voice is important to us and encourage you to talk to us about any concerns you may have.  

We, as leaders, have tried to concentrate on the following questions: What and where is it that God wants us to put our resources? And, what does He want us to do for one another, our church, and our community? As you pray about these questions, we encourage you to share what God plants in your heart. 

Any comments or questions should be directed to:

Please turn in any questions you have by 12:00 noon, Wednesday, November 18th

On Friday, November 20th we will send out both the asked questions and the answers. At that point, we will ask if there are any more questions.

If there are no more questions, we will then ask for a YES or NO vote to the following motions, to be returned to the church by 4:00pm, Tuesday, November 24, 2020 via email, phone, or drop off.

email: [email protected]


1600 Johnson Street 



 1.)  Motion by Irene Rud to accept the nominees to their positions by acclamation

Seconded by Pat Duncan


2.)   Motion by Ben Wiens to accept the proposed budget for 2021 (BUDGET AMENDED) 

Seconded by Beth Brown (on original motion only)

Yes  ______________            No ______________  


3.)   Motion by John Zettl to approve Maintenance/Renovations to the church building as                presented in the letter and drawing. (MOTION WITHDRAWN)

Seconded by Rob Watt (on original motion only)

Yes __________        No _____________  

Thank you for your continued patience, giving, and spiritual support.  God loves you and so do we.  

On behalf of Fort George/Lighthouse,

Pat Duncan, Moderator  

Dear God, Thank You for all the blessings and gifts You give us.  Please direct us to follow the path You want us on.  We depend on Your guidance, wisdom and love to be inclusive in everything we do.  Help us to attract people to You in every action we take. Thank You again for the skills and abilities You give us and may we use these abilities, working together, to the betterment of Your kingdom. We ask these things in Your precious name, Amen